The UK's largest independent supplier of hot and cold hydration.

Keeping UK homes and businesses hydrated, safely and sustainably.

Why thousands choose The WCD Group

  • UK's leading hydration supplier
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Expert customer service
  • Environmentally conscious business

Our extensive and innovative range

  • Plumbed-in water coolers

    Our plumbed in water coolers deliver sustainable hydration in the workplace or home office with environmental benefits. Filtered and chilled water tastes fantastic and helps you drink more water.

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  • Contactless

    Choose hands-free water coolers and help keep your team safe with hygienic, touch-free water dispensers that prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

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  • Boiling & chilled taps

    Convenient boiling, cold, chilled water as you want it. Saving time, mains water and energy only heat what you need with 3in1 and 4in1 taps.

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  • Bottled water coolers

    A bottled water cooler is an efficient and affordable way of providing chilled, great tasting hydration for your team and customers where access to mains water is challenging. Our 15l water bottles are 100% recyclable.

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  • Water boilers

    An affordable hydration solution for continuous hot drinking water in your office, desktop or wall mounted. Perfect where space and time is limited. Just heat what you use. 

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  • Water fountains

    Drinking fountains are plumbed in and allow you to serve continuous fresh water, in high volumes. Ideal for public spaces they come with a variety of taps for easy bottle refill.

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