The David Lloyd Clubs leisure group has taken refill hydration to the heart of its health and wellbeing strategy by adopting a variety of environmentally friendly drinking water solutions that provide chilled and filtered water to its members, for easy self-fill.

Over 50% of the Group’s gyms and health club sites have individually partnered with the WCD Group and installed a variety of self-fill plumbed-in water dispensers, fountains, bar taps, and chillers in the café areas, poolside, or in the gym for use before and after exercise.

Said Matt Holmes-Arnold, account director – “Each week we add more installations to our customer base as the refill message gather pace across the clubs. Perfect for busy footfall areas, we supply high capacity water dispensers, fountain, or water taps with space-saving, under counter chillers that look good as well deliver instant hydration.”

For the best hydration experience and to inspire GL Club customers, the ability to serve chilled and filtered water on tap is compelling. No queues or running out of water, no more jugs to manually fill thereby increasing staff productivity and giving the team more time for customer service.

Adrian Robinson is general manager at David Lloyd Clubs Gloucester, one of the first centres to install a refill point, said: “No queues or running out of water. A plumbed-in chiller saves staff filling up jugs and more importantly saves on plastic cups and bottles. Happy, our customers can now refill their sports bottles pre-and post-exercise or grab a glass with a relaxing coffee.”

In Poole, general manager Scott Mackenzie said: “Hands down, one of the best member experience products I have invested in. Members absolutely love it!”

“Customers love our cold water tap as it’s chilled and fresh! I think staff loves it more as they no longer have to fill up jugs and can focus on the member experience,” said Chris Statt, maintenance manager, Gloucester.

In the fight against single-use plastic drinks bottles, the focus on refill has never been greater.

To protect the planet and help reduce single-use plastic cup and bottle pollution, DL Clubs are enabling customers to refill their own bottles for life or take a glass with a relaxing drink.

David Lloyd Clubs is a leading health, sport, and leisure group with 100 venues in the UK.

Their mission is to create a comfortable and welcoming place to come together with friends, family, and fellow members to maintain physical and mental health and wellness delivering an overall health and wellness experience.